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What you can conceive Remancos can achieve


When you team up with Remancosí product design, graphic design, expert formulations, manufacturing and regulatory departments, we put a world of opportunities and years of experience at your disposal. Our Johannesburg based factory can produce endless varieties of prototypes or finished goods. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility can produce your dream products in quantities and at costs that guarantee a competitive edge!

Remancos has existing formulations from which you can choose (and can change to your preference) or you have us formulate exclusively for you (you pay for and own the formulations). We also offer bulk, base products that you can add you own actives, fragrance, colours, essential oils etc. to.

We provide the options of either natural & organic or standard formulations.

Our production cycle includes :



  • Objective assessment of a productís feasibility at all stages of development

  • Strictest confidence

  • Creative Product and Graphic Design Teams

  • Formulation Development - Creating the perfect recipe for success includes :

    - Suitable Raw Materials

    - Dosages and Proportions

    - Product Codes

    - Pack Sizes

    - Cost Indications

    - Functions of each ingredient

    - INCI Names

    - Full Manufacturing Procedure

    - Specifications for finished product

  • Raw material Sourcing

  • Sampling

- Fragrance

- Colour

- Packaging Materials

- Formulation Changes

  • In-house Laboratory for Research & Development

  • Stability and Safety Testing - All tests are conducted under a range of conditions to ensure comprehensive stability reporting

    - pH

    - Viscosity

    - Micro-emulsion

    - Odour Changes

    - Appearance / Colour Changes

    - Texture Changes

    - Sun Protection Factors - In Vitro

  • Bottle and Packaging Sourcing

  • Organic & Natural Capabilities

  • Private Label Marketing Consultation

  • Blending and Filling

  • On-Site Manufacturing Plant

    Our new production plant can produce in economies of scale that guarantee any product a competitive edge. This state-of-the-art facility has the capacity to process up to 10 Tons a day starting from as little as 25 Kgs.

    Remancos invites you to Private Label our existing formulas to enhance your product line or to approach us with your ideas which we can help you turn into products.



Custom Packaging


Remancosí designers and buyers travel the world to find the latest innovative and unique product and packaging ideas. Our designers, vendors and manufacturers can refine your private label to be distinctive and competitive in any market.


How do we do this? 

  • Singular, Individualized Product Designs

  •  Global Raw Materials Sourcing

  • Latest Packaging Innovations

  • Intensive Field Research

Since its inception Remancos has set the standard of innovation in the Personal Care Products industry. By combining unique and versatile designs, strict production standards and time-tested marketing expertise, we create products with high perceived values and excellent sell-thru performance. We can do the same for you.

You are a phone call away from making your dream a reality!


Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel : +27 (0) 74-564-8268
Fax: +086-547-1959


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